Ford Falcon ED

The new Falcon reached the Australian market in 1993 and with it came some name changes for the standard models.  The base model GL was renamed GLi, while the S model became the Futura, a name still being used.  The Falcon ED family now consisted of the GLi sedan/wagon, Futura sedan/wagon, the Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia remained, and the high performance XR6 and XR8. 

A name change wasn’t the only difference with the new ED having a refined engine.  The new 4.0 litre MPFI engine provided drivers with even more power.  The 4.0 litre engine provided the same 148 kW of power standard.  But the new XR6, the S was dropped from the model, provided over 10 kW of more power because of a new configuration.  

All the XR models had a new front with the development of four cluster headlights. The ED series also had an oval shaped grill. It wasn’t until the next model that Ford decided to take exterior design to a new level, the EF was actually the most refined model of the ‘E’ type.      

The ED was the safest and most secure Falcon ever to reach the Australian market with added extras in safety and security becoming standard to maintain sales against Holden.  With advances in body safety and an upgrade in the security the ED Falcon was a popular family car selling over 70,000 units before being upgraded only one year later by the EF.  The ED was the only ‘E’ type Falcon not to see any further development into series II before being replaced.

The old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rings true with the ED, with not many significant changed from the previous model EB series II.  This may be why the EF was released only a year latter with the most refinements of the ‘E’ type.

The model had the ‘smartlock’ system that was first introduced in the EB II model.  The system made it almost impossible for the vehicles to be hot wired, and had keyless entry as well as an immobiliser 

However, there were several changed with a new systems emerged on the ED including a stronger shell with improved side-impact crash protection.  The new Futura models also had the added safety feature of ABS standard.  

The reliability problems that haunted the EA series was not fully solved with the ongoing head gasket problem still affecting the model.  Fortunately most cars that suffered problems are now off the road, so people can pick up a fairly reliable car at a very reasonable price.

After the ED was released it was evident that the four speed automatic while smoother did not last as long as the old 3-speed that it replaced.